Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Bits of Yellow

Here are some random bits of yellow for today. This image is a like a Dali painting - love the pineapple behind those impossibly high heels. Spotted on Coco + Kelley 

Sunshine Cleaning was a fantastic film, Conor and I saw without knowing anything about it. We both loved it. Funny, great acting, and uplifting. 
I love this map of manhattan I came across in NY Magazine archive section from 1969, in this issue a writer was lamenting the rising cost of rentals in Manhattan, stating,"even the upper west side is out of control with costs for 3 bedrooms on central park west hitting the sky rocketing price of $2,000"  - this one is for all the new yorkers out there. 
A fantastic idea...and a new way to get around the city. From here. 
I came across these lovely images HERE, I really like the stripes in the bathroom and the rattan curtain. It all kinda works. 

This one is on my book list. 


Lisa Parks said...

love all the images- thanks for sharing. that bathroom with the yellow great looking.

Simone said...

Great images, really refreshing! Am enjoying your blog very much :)

You Are My Fave said...

It's official, yellow is my favorite color.

fromtherightbank.com said...

There's nothing more cheerful than yellow and white stripes. Love it.

The Lil Bee said...

That one is on my book club's book list, as well! I love this post for so many reasons...the flashback to an "expensive" 3 bedroom in NYC (today that price would be unheard of!), all the pops of yellow (my favorite color), and the reminder to go see Sunshine Cleaners. I am so bad about keeping up with movies, but we actually saw The Hangover the other day and loved it. xx

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