Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In loving memory of Ted Parks

My dear Dad died on Sunday, June 19th (the day before Father's day) of an inoperable brain tumor. He died with so much dignity and grace. I miss him so much. Dad loved his family, he loved skiing, tennis, playing bridge, road trips, picnics and traveling. But above all else he loved to talk about the accomplishments of 'his girls', (much to the embarrassment of me and my sister) but now I look back and it gives me great comfort to know how proud he was of us.
Life goes on and he was adamant I live life to the fullest. We had several lucid days with him before he died, we really got to say everything we wanted and we heard everything from him too; how much he loved us and how proud he was of us .I will be forever grateful for those days. I love you Dad.  
This was taken at Christmas a few years ago. 
My Dad as a boy (he was 9 in that picture) and my Dad as a handsome man of 35!
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