Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Mum's style

Last May I flew up to my hometown of Toronto,to spend time with my parents for Mother's Day. My mum has been an interior designer for many years, she has a specific style, a lovely feminine balance and she can work a budget like no other. I took some (rather poor quality, sorry) iphone shots of the little areas and vignettes my Mum creates all over her warm and stylish home. 
I love how the bookshelves are reflected in that gorgeous mirror
Mum has books and books all over the apartment, and she has always had lots of plants in all the houses we've lived in, which add to this exotic look
I like this corner so much
A simple look, just a chair, but to me it is very chic and pretty


Anonymous said...

It looks like a lovely home. I like that corner as well. I think I have the same mirror(?)

Hope you have a great weekend.


Wow, very chic style and great taste. I love the chair

Lisa Parks said...

mom's looks great - can't wait to go home sis.
thanks for the post.

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