Friday, April 27, 2012


I had heard of Hillman Curtis and his amazing artist series, but didn't know the breadth and depth of his work until (sadly) he passed away in late April. He lived life to the fullest and seemed to be revered, not just for his pioneering firsts in the world of web design, but also because he seemed like a really decent guy.
Check out his Artist series here 
And you can read his obit here
Lastly, this article from The Guardian really touched me. Check it out here. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

House plants

I've been trying for some time to source a great plant for our living room, I want one with volume and height since we have tall ceilings. Last week when we are at the AMAZING winvian spa, I fell in love with their plants. Each one was strategically placed and perfect in height and scale, it made a huge impact. Emma from The Marion House Book, had her lovely home showcased on House and Home, her plants are also perfect in every way. I love the one in her living room, which she kindly informed me was a ficus lyrata or fiddle leaf. I think I might beed to get me one!
Emma's gorgeous living room and Fiddle leaf
The Marion House Book
Ficus Lyrata or Fiddle Leaf

Friday, April 13, 2012

Two very different days

Today in New York City it was gorgeous, just one of those super sunny, lovely days that makes New York shine. My day was both kid friendly and I also got to sneak in some quality time with my Mum, who is visiting from Toronto. We hit the shops in the morning and had a coffee at Cafe Sabarsky, love that place.
While I was at the park with Gus in the afternoon, I got this pic and text from my twin sister and best friend, Lisa. I love how we are both loving our days but in such varying and completely different ways. 
What my day looked like in New York!

What Lisa's day looked like in Tahoe!
Coffee at Cafe Sabrasky @ Nueu Gallerie

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting Away...

We are going out of town for our "romantic getaway" sans kiddos tomorrow. A whole glorious 30 hours of just down time together. I can't wait. Here are a couple of shots of where we are heading -Litchfield County, Connecticut, 
Hidden Valley B&B...Doesn't it look pretty. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


When Cole was born, I was so overcome with love and emotion. They put him on me, skin to skin. I loved the feeling, I loved him, all was right in the world. That night, he slept by my side, I nursed him (every 90 minutes!) I was exhausted but loving it. 
The next morning, Conor came to visit us and for the first time, we noticed very visible red markings across the left side of Cole's cheek, running up to the brow. It looked like a big splash of red. And that's when it all started, what is it? does it go away? what is it called etc...Before Cole was born, I couldn't even pronounce the word hemangioma, now, Conor and I have become quite versed on the world of birth marks! Most go away within a few years, the type Cole has doesn't go away on its own and is linked to a very devastating syndrome, called Sturge Webers (SWS). About 10% of children born with a port wine stain in the V1 (brow and above) have it. We wanted Cole to have an MRI as soon as possible. After a nerve racking 3 hour MRI procedure (they had a hard time getting a reading), we were later told the good news; negative, normal brain activity. We were overjoyed, I couldn't stop crying. Since the stain doesn't go away on its own, we have been going to a dermatologist to have it lasered off, it is harder for me than him, and I know in the long run it really is best for Cole. Life is hard enough as it is without a big old red stain across your face. I get asked a lot, "what's that?" or "did your son take a tumble?" or the best "what is that red splotchy thing?", yes, someone, an adult, no less, asked me that. I guess my point in this post, if there is one, is to me, Cole is perfect, and I want to capture the way he looks now, before the stain is removed. In the meantime, here are some shots from the last few weeks. 

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