Friday, June 19, 2009

Book Club

I have always had this love affair with books, they have always been there for me; on long plane rides, bus journeys,on rainy days, sunny days and in strange foreign places. I can remember clearly where I read certain books - I recall reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being, while traveling with my sister through Europe one summer -what an impact that book had on me! I know exactly where I was when I read Any Human Heart and I recall even where I sat in Burma and read Burmese Days. So, here are what I consider some good reads for this rainy weekend. Oh and Happy Friday. xoxo
Bel Canto is one of my all time top of the list books. What a story. 

What I Loved was what every good book should have: a compelling protagonist, and a gripping narrative
This one is on my list...I've heard good things about it. 
Any Human Heart is one of my favorite all time books - please read it. You will laugh, you will cry and wont be able to put it down. 
I think I read this one in two sittings, a real page turner about loving someone and what that all entails. 
This is the first in a trilogy entitled "Zuckerman Series", pick them all up, you wont be disappointed. 
The Road was so engaging, and what an ending. 

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Jane Flanagan said...

We like so many of the same books... Unbearable Lightness is one of my favourite books ever. And Any Human Heart is on that list too!

I really enjoyed What I Loved too and her latest (The Sorrows of an American) deeply moved me.

The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry has been my favourite recent read! I think you'd love it too!

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