Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A look back on East Timor

Several years ago I had the very unique opportunity to visit East Timor, just a year after their charismatic leader, Xanana Gusmãoheld their first election after gaining Independence from Indonesia. The brutality they faced from their occupiers was everywhere. Children played in burned out buildings, make shift schools were their only educational offering. It was heartbreaking. But the people had a real grace about them and were so hospitable to us. Here are some images from that trip. 
My caption for this picture would be smiling haunting. The boy on the far right looks haunted from the war, his eyes betraying him. 
This caption would be little angel. 

My caption here would be Morning Coffee. 
Caption here would be SMILE.


Lisa Parks said...

I remember Kathleen doing to East Timor when they became a country. I love these shots! Thanks for sharing.

Mila said...

So lovely to look at!


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