Friday, July 24, 2009

Street style

With the massive success of The Sartorialist a whole new genre of street blogs have been born. I love checking out what other people from around the world are wearing and how they are wearing it! Here are a few worth checking out. This one from Trendy Crew, a blog that focuses on Fashion, Photography and contemporary culture. 

Garance Dore has a fantastic eye and seems to be at all the right places. 

Urban Weeds from Portland, the best of the Pacific northwest.
Facehunter out of London captures easy street style
A classic Sartorialist shot, impossible glam. 
I know it is summer in New York but winter somewhere else, hence this shot from the iconic Look Book section of the New York Magazine. 
Toronto Street Fashion features urban cool
And check here for a hilarious step by step guide on how you can be shot by the Sartorialist


Lisa Parks said...

great post - love the yellow and of course the Sartorialist is a king. said...

Great roundup - I enjoy all of these sites. They shame me into putting on real clothes on those days when I'm tempted to lounge around in pj's all day(!)

tatel said...

Thank you very much for mentioning us!

Big kiss from Barcelona


please sir said...

It's great to see all the street fashion out there.

captivate me. said...

oooh that yellow billowy blouse. I MUST HAVE THAT!! Great set of images--I could pour over street-style pics all day!

The Lil Bee said...

Nice little roundup...I didn't know about all of them. I'm enjoying all the street fashion, too:)

ambika said...

Ooo, can't wait to check out the PDX one. Pike/Pine used to take photos in Seattle but I think has since lapsed.

Urban Weeds said...

I just found this... Thanks for the post!


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