Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Summer Friday

My company has "Summer Fridays", you get to choose 4 Fridays off from Memorial day to Labour Day. So, this is my first one off. Yay! Happy weekend all. xo
I'm in love with this shot and what it evokes - summer summer summer. From this gorgeous blog.
This weekend I'm looking forward to seeing my gorgeous nephews!



Kotori said...

Lucky you... hope you had a fun day off!

Lynne said...

Mine too - well, except you work the extra hours and then leave at 1 every Friday. But I have just negotiated a four day week all the time so I am very excited about that! Those are some very cute little boys!

Ancarol said...

It`s amaze the bed . But the real it so beauty if that can move to in house. Mmmm i would love it more !

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