Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pop Quiz: Fun with Anne from The City Sage

Hello everyone! It's Anne from The City Sage, and I'm so honored to be guest blogging for Michelle while she's on holiday! Michelle put in a special request for 'whimsical, offbeat, and fun' interiors. But I realized as I began pulling images that frankly--I'm sorry to say--I don't think I have enough fun! Since I apparently I don't recognize fun when I see it, you tell me. Vintage toys as decor: fun or not?

With kids' rooms there's such greater license to have fun. So I think we'll probably be unanimous on this one. Bedtime stories in a wild fairy forest: fun or not?

Playing with bright colors is certainly one way to inject whimsy and a sense of play in a room. Is it possible to go overboard? Granny's antique chest of drawers on grape Kool-aid: fun or not?

I do love looking at children's artwork. So what about prizing junior's painting skills as museum-worthy and giving it a place of honor above the couch? Fun or not? 'bout prizing your own painting skills as museum worthy and letting them run rampant. Fun or not?

Birds and butterflies wallpaper in an otherwise proper bedroom. Fun or not? (I'll tell you a secret: I'm obsessed with this wallpaper! I'm gonna go with 'super fun'.)

Good old fashioned metal chain gets a new lease on life in an entryway console. Fun or not? Or maybe someone had a little too much fun at Home Depot?

A patchwork quilt inspires funky fresh window treatments. Color, pattern and patina come together to create a room oozing with character. But is it fun? (Check out that rocking chair, by the way! I'm pretty sure it's fun...)

Laundry? Um, definitely not fun. But using a vintage laundry cart to create this sweet storage vignette? Pretty fun, I'd say!

Thanks so much to Michelle for the chance to blog here at Sugarpie Express. Hope you'll all come visit me at The City Sage too! xo Anne

Image Credits: 1. House to Home 2. Found Style by Amy Butler 3. James Merrell 4. Urban Eco Chic by Oliver Heath 5. James Merrell 6. Martha Stewart Living, April 2009 7. Johnny Miller 8. Marie Claire Maison, November 2008 9. Found Style by Amy Butler



Great pictures!! the one with the chain,hot pink candle has been hanging on my inspiration board in my office!!

Kotori said...

Love that laundry cart idea - so clever.

down and out chic said...

i say lots of fun! these are all so creative

My name is Erin. said...

I save the photo of the entry table with the chains and pink candles as inspiration for my new home. Also, I love the use of the large chandelier in the not so big entry way. Some would say it overwhelms the space, but it does so in just the right way! I love it! I think these were all fun.

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

thank you Anne!! Loved your post.

Lisa Parks said...

love the childrens art - i have my kids art everywhere. thanks for your post!

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