Friday, March 12, 2010

womb mates

My twin sister lives way across the country in the Bay Area and lately we've been lamenting the fact that we really need to move to the same city. It is the day to day I miss, small things like grabbing a quick coffee, popping in to see my nephews, reading to them or picking them up from school, taking some time in the afternoon with her to get a pedicure... And then there are the big things, missing birthdays, special occasions, being there for them when the whole house gets ill etc...We make up for it by cris-crossing the country many times and usually after an extensive trip, I do feel better. 
C and I have talked about moving to the west coast, an easier, healthier lifestyle in lots of aspects. And with the baby on the way, I've been missing my sis more than ever. These twin sisters and their respective families all live in one gorgeous house together. I could definitely do that! 
The Sisters
The view...
Cool built in bookshelves

All images from Skona Hem


Jane Flanagan said...

That would be so lovely. I've thought about west coast life a lot too, though it puts me that much farther from home. Still, it's a dream I keep coming back to!

When's the baby due? So excited for you!!

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

Hi Jane,
Thank you. Babe is due April 20th, i might post a belly shot!
Yes, the west coast is very tempting, so healthy and the easier to manage. But with my parents in T.O. it is good to have someone on the east coast, it is such an easy trip. Mx

Lisa Parks said...

Love this idea of co-habitating!!!
Beautiful home - where is it?
xoxo Lis

Lisa Parks said...

ps - post a pic of you pregers!!

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

OK will post one soon.

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